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Snapcycle R1

Snapcycle R1

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 Free Extras:

Rear Bike Rack and Tool Kit Included ($89 value)

750W Brushless Geared Hub Motor

With 750W sustained, 1200W peak power and 85Nm of torque at your disposal, the high-speed brushless geared hub motor can help you conquer the most rugged terrains easily.

48V 14Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery

Our batteries are rated 48V-14Ah and are made of premium Samsung INR18650-35E cells, which are renowned for their long lifespans and excellent performance. The battery management system (BMS) complies with EN ISO 13849-1:2015 standards and comes with temperature protection features to enhance its durability and safety. With each charge, you'll get to enjoy up to 45 miles of range on pedal-assist mode, and up to 30 miles on pure electric power mode.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The sensitive dual-piston hydraulic braking system comes with metal-ceramic brake pads, and 180mm front and rear disc rotors. It also has automatic caliper centering features and can provide smooth and effective braking even in the harshest conditions.

Half Twist Throttle

The half-twist throttle prevents accidental activation of the electrical motor, protecting you from injuries.

Quick & Smart 48V 3 Amp Charger

It only takes less than 5 hours to fully charge the battery, which greatly shortens the time between rides to keep up with the rapid pace of your commuting demands. This fast charger is certified to UL standards and its safety and reliability are guaranteed.

Backlit LCD Display

The intuitive display provides real-time information about your ride, including mileage, batter level, diagnostics information, speed, and power

Front Suspecsion Fork

The spring suspecsion fork has 80mm of travel, with preload adjustment and lockout. It's able to dampen the roughness of the terrain, providing a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

Wide Foam Saddle

This foam saddle on the bike is ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable and fun ride. You can adjust it upwards, downwards, forwards, and backwards to find a comfortable position that fits your riding style.

4" Fat Tire

CST BFT 4" Fat Tires provide excellent grip and traction on all terrains. Whether it's mud, sand, gravel, grass, or snow, our fat tires will ensure a smooth and safe riding experience.

LED Headlight

When it gets dark, sinply turn your headlight on to illuminate the road ahead.

Control Pad

The control pad has push buttons which allow you to easily control the bike with your left hand while riding. Our bikes also come with a built-in horn. 

Fully-Integrated Battery

the sleek frame holds an integrated battery that provides you with all the fuel you will need to power your bike through through the toughest terrain.

Shimano Derailleur

High-quality Shimano gears and derailleurs enable you to maintain a comfortable pedalling speed, regardless of road conditions.

Solid Rear Rack

The sturdy rear rack with a vertical pillar is capable of carrying loads up to 110 lbs. Perfect for carrying groceries, supplies, and even brining a pet or child along for the ride.


Free Tool Kit

This free tool kit comes with the essential tools needed to adjust your bike to your unique riding style.



  • Battery¬†48V 14Ah Samsung 35E lithium battery
  • Range¬†30~45 Miles
  • Electric Bike Class¬†Class 2 (configurable to Class 3)
  • Hub Motor¬†750W brushless geared motor, 1200W Peak
  • Charging Time¬†4 ~ 5 Hours
  • Total Payload Capacity¬†275lbs
  • Recommended Rider Heights¬†5'3" ~ 6'4"
  • ¬†
  • Charger¬†US standard 3.0 A smart charger, UL Certified
  • Controller¬†48V / 22A 12-Tube
  • Display¬†Adjustable-Angle, Backlit, Grayscale 3.2'' LCD
  • Frame¬†Aluminium 6061
  • Pedal Assist Intelligent¬†0~5 level pedal assist
  • Weight¬†72lbs
  • Speed¬†Speed is limited to 25km/h (According to the United States laws, which can be adjusted according to the specific condition of each state)
  • Brake Calipers¬†Tektro MD-M280
  • Brake Levers¬†Aluminium alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch
  • Crank Set¬†48T, 170mm Aluminium Alloy, Double-Sided Plastic Guard
  • Fender¬†Full coverage front and rear
  • Freewheel¬†Shimano MF-TZ500-6 14-28T Freewheel
  • Grips¬†Ergonomic, Stitched Imitation Leather
  • Headset¬†Semi-Integrated, Sealed Cartridge, 1-1/8" Straight
  • Pedals¬†Neco Aluminum Alloy Platform with Reflector
  • Saddle¬†Justek soft foam saddle
  • Seatpost Clamp¬†Quick-Release type
  • Spokes¬†Stainless Steel, 12 Gauge, Black with Silver Nipples
  • Brake Rotors¬†Tektro 180 mm front and rear
  • Chain¬†KMC chain with 122 chainlinks
  • Derailleur¬†6-Speed Shimano Tourney
  • Fork¬†MOZO Spring Suspension, 80mm Travel, Lockout and Preload Adjustment
  • Gearing¬†1 x 6 Speed
  • Handlebar¬†Aluminum Alloy, Mid-Rise, 700mm Width, 31.8mm Bore
  • Kickstand¬†Heavy-duty aluminum stand
  • Rims¬†Aluminum Alloy, 26 inch, Double Wall
  • Seatpost¬†Aluminum Alloy, 320mm x 27.2mm Dia
  • Shifter¬†Shimano SIS Index Thumb Shifter
  • Tire¬†CST BFT 26‚ÄĚX4.0‚ÄĚ fat tires

  • R1 Ebike Dimension
    • A. Total Length¬†74.8"
    • B. Handlebar Height¬†45.3"
    • C. Wheelbase¬†45.3"
    • D. Minimum Seat Height¬†28.7"
    • E. Maximum Extension¬†9.1"
    • F. Chain Stay Length¬†19.3"
    • G. Standover Height¬†28.0"
    • H. Top Tube Length¬†23.2"
    • I. Wheel Diameter¬†28.0"
    • J. Head Tube Length¬†6.3"
    • K. Handlebar Length¬†26.8"

    Download User & Assembly Manual

    *Snapcycle has the right without notice to the consumer to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised Snapcycle ebike components in the event of the unavailability of such advertised components.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    (Anonymous Customer)
    A great overall experience ...

    I purchased the R1 model. I researched plenty of e-bikes. I typically BUY from long-established companies, but I decided to try Snapcycle, after seeing a handful of favorable Youtube videos on the R1. We'll see how they do, and how the bike holds up, over time. Both have been great, so far. Been mt. biking for +30 yrs., so I've seen my share of bikes.

    The purchase and delivery went smooth. Assembly was straight forward.

    I swapped out a few things to suit my needs. Not because it needed it, but just to tweak it. A new seat, suspension seat post, short fenders, pedals with 1/2 toe clips, new handlebar stem riser, and 2 free-standing waterbottle cages/bottles (these bikes don't have braze-on attachments). I've also 'heard' that a simple menu adjustment, can unlock the bike to Class 3 speeds.

    I've put +150 miles on it. Runs great. Powerful, smooth motor, and it eats HILLS for breakfast ! Gone from doing +6 mile rides on my other bikes, to now doing 15 - 20 miles, and getting even more of a workout.
    Lots of folks, ask about my bike. I've probably sold a few (indirectly), already. Give Snapcycle a try. You'll love the bike, and their service !

    James M.
    Exceeded All Expectations

    Our 2 Snapcycle R1 bikes went together easier than expected! Following a full charging cycle, a read of operating the bike I took the bike out for it’s maiden voyage. The ease of adapting to the assist was minimal. The acceleration of the assist was amazing! Can’t wait to get out in the bikes again tomorrow for a longer ride! Ordered a rack today so we can take the bikes along on our many travels this year!

    Joe O.
    Dream Machine

    Blast to ride I logged in 51 miles and still have 2 bars left, changed the ramp to 1 and set the PAS to 0-9 installed an adjustable stem riser and a cloud 9 seat, love the hydraulic brakes and the speed sensitive cadence. Customer service is the best in the business, looked into several bike, and so glad I bought the Snapcycle. Looking forward to many,many more miles.

    George S.
    Snapcycle R1 is a GREAT EBIKE

    Had to wait awhile because of shipping delays. Ordered before Christmas and did not receive the Ebike until early February. Shipping box was undamaged and the bike was well wrapped. I received the upgraded version with hydraulic brakes and integrated rear light. There were a few things that were different than the installation video. The handlebars are different than the installation video
    - Handlebar attachment is different
    - Derailer guard attachment not discussed. Yes I know easy enough to figure out
    - Power to rear light not discussed. Yes I know easy enough to figure out.
    I am 72 and have not rode a bicycle since I was a young man so it took a few rides to get used riding an Ebike, using the pedal assist and throttle and the additional weight of an Ebike. So glad I got the Step-Thru model. I am not so sure I could have gotten my leg over the middle bar of the non step-thru model.

    It’s amazing how much the pedal assist helps me ride. At 72, I have had both knees replaced and standing up to pedal to make it up hills really hurts them both. With this bike, I stay seated going up hills, adjusting pedal assist as necessary to stay seated.

    In response to a request for information about whether I had changed the Ebike from Class 2 to Class 3, I stated:

    So far I have left the Ebike a class 2. The most painful thing when I bike is having to stand to bear down on the pedals to go up a hill. So far at level 2 and using the bike’s gearing I have had no problems going up some good sized hills using pedal assist 3. So far haven’t had to use pedal assist 4 or 5.

    In summary, a great purchase, no regrets.

    Gerald A.
    72 and more then happy

    I am 72 with bad knees and thought bike riding was over until I got the R1 step threw .
    The bike arrived in good condition and assembly was easy . It has amazing hydraulic brakes , headlamp is bright and clear , and the wired tail lamp is bright . 20 miles per hour is plenty fast enough for me so have left in on stage 2 . I added 4.5 in steering riser and. Spring assist seat post . A phone holder and rear carry bag helps for small shopping trips. Can’t wait to get a Snapcycle front carrier when they are available so the dog can ride too . I would recommend this bike to family

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do you ship from?

    All our suppliers have warehouses in the United States, to ensure the quickest shipping times.

    Is the seat height adjustable?

    Unless explicitly stated otherwise, ebikes we sell come equipped with adjustable seats.

    Do your bikes come in different colors?

    To see if a bike we offer comes in a different color, navigate to the start of the page. Under the price, you'll see an option to select different colors. If you don't see the option, then that bike does not come in a different color.

    Do your bikes come in different sizes?

    To see if a bike we offer comes in a different size, navigate to the start of the page. Under the price, you'll see an option to select different size. If you don't see the option, then that bike does not come in a different size. (Unless stated otherwise, all our ebikes are equipped with height-adjustable seats.)

    Are your bikes waterproof?

    The ebikes we offer are water-resistant, and can be ridden in wet weather conditions. ("Water-resistant" is different than "waterproof." Most ebikes are not waterproof, as they cannot be submerged completely under water.)

    Where can I get my bike serviced?

    Being a consumer-direct business, we do not currently do not have physical service centers. We recommend contacting your local bicycle maintenance shop to ask of they offer repairs and parts for your ebike model.