Manufacturer Warranties

Here is a coprehensive list of our supplier partners' manufacturer warranties.

The Urban E-Rider Co. promises its customers the expedient and careful handling of manufacturer warranty claims issues. If you have a problem with your new e-bike, please contact us first. You are our customer, and we have your back in the case of any product quality mistakes. We will then work with you to diagnose and understand the issue before contacting the manufacturer on your behalf. 

Taking your bike to a local shop for an adjustment can remedy most issues. Sometimes when a bike is delivered by UPS or FedEx, it can get damaged in the shipping proces, resulting in minor dings and damages, such as a bent brake rotor or derailleur hanger. In these cases, the fix is simple, and if you do not feel comfortable performing the work yourself, take it to a local bike shop, send us the repair quote and receipt, and we will do our best to reasonably reimburse you for the cost. While, in other cases, it might be necessary for the manufacturer to send a replacement part, such as a new controller or battery. Again, we will coordinate the conversation between you and the manufacturer, and try to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Manufacturer Warranties: