About The Urban E-Rider Co.

Behind the eBike Business

Hello! My name is Mario. I've founded The Urban E-Rider Co. to bring environmentally-friendly transportation to cities across America. Together, you and I can help make a cleaner, greener planet.

(This is me, by the way! 👇)

Founder of the urban e-rider co., Mario, wearing a dress shirt, smiling, taking a professional photo.

🌱 What's the Goal?

The ultimate goal of this company is simple - enrich peoples' lives by increasing the awareness, access, and useage of electric transportation. We want to spread the word about the positive effect ebikes and other electric vehicles have on the environement, and ultimately, on the rider. As of right now, we feel the best way to do it is by selling ebikes to all major metropolitan cities in the US.

Though, while we love ebikes, this is not the "The Urban E-Bike Co." This is The Urban E-Rider Co. The main focus of this company is you, the rider and beloved customer. The future of clean transportation is in your hands, and as long as you come away from our website feeling more knowledgeable on the topic of eco-friendly travel, our mission is a success.

🌱 Why Buy from Us?

People choose to buy from us because we go the extra mile for great customer service. At any time of day, you can reach me, personally, by phone, chat, or email. You can count on me to deliver a quick response, 7 days a week.

If you want high-quality ebikes, at reasonable prices, shipped quickly to your door, this is the bike shop for you. We will never attempt to "sell" you, or put you on a bike that doesn't fit your needs. If we recommend it to you, that's because we feel it will have the most positive effect on your life.

🌱 Where Are We?

The urban E-Rider Co. is an online retailer. Being stricly online has its perks. We have no physical location costs, which helps us keep our prices as low as possible and pass the value onto you. Also, we are easy to reach. Just send me an email, chat message, or give me a call. I'll get back to you ASAP.