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Nakto Pony

Nakto Pony

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The Nakto Pony electric bike is a highly affordable city bike designed for liesurely, comfortble riding. It features a sleek step-through frame, which is easy to mount and dismount. It comes with a thumb throttle and a pedal assist that makes each ride a breeze.

The bike comes with a thumb throttle and a pedal assist. This is an affordable ebike equipped with 20-inch rims, which means it has smaller dimensions and that make it great for dense traffic.Congested streets and city paths are no longer an issue.


Exploring town, commuting, and being eco-friendly are made fun and simple with the Pony. Its powerful rear hub geared brushless motor meshes seamlessly with the Shimano gears to make easy work of any journey. A reliable mechanical disc brake ensures you can stop in all weather, and with low maintenance.

Geared Hub Motor
Miles per Charge
Max Torque
Pedal Assist Levels

Lithium-ion Battery

Located on the down tube of the bike for better weight distribution. Delivers a 22-mile range on a single charge.

Rear Geared Motor

Rear hub motor delivers up to 250W of peak power and 35Nm torque ensuring controlled acceleration.

LCD Display

The crystal clear LCD screen gives you all the diagnostic information you need before you take off for your next ride.

Pedal Assist System

The pedal-assist system gives you 3 levels of power with each pedal stroke.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chris T.

I'm so glad I decided to get the Nakto Pony. It's been a game changer for me and has allowed me to explore new parts of my city that I wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. The bike is also very stylish and always gets a few compliments. very recommended.

loving using it

It is a great bike for beginners, which I am. It's easy to use and the electric assist takes the pressure off pedaling. I've already recommended this bike to a few friends who are interested in getting into cycling. I'm an older woman now and getting on and off of it is very easy for me.

Lex P.
Great bike!!

I've been riding my Nakto for a few weeks now and I'm obsessed! It's such a fun way to get around and the electric assist makes riding uphill so easy. I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable electric bike. 4 stars only because the bike came missing a small part, but the customer support was awesome and they got me the part very quickly. Great bike and customer service.

Michael C.
Sneakily nice, good commuting bike

It's a perfect bike for commuting. It's fast and efficient, and I love that I can get some exercise while also avoiding traffic and not be all sweaty when I get to work. The battery lasts a long time, so I don't have to worry about charging it every single day.

Kirsten Y.
We all had fun, great bike

I'm impressed with how easy the Pony is to assemble. It only took me about 15 minutes to put it together and started riding not long after that. The bike is also very sturdy and comfortable. My first ride was to the store and back. I put that basket to the test and carried home a jug of sweet tea and a few other items. It held up well! The the pedal assist was super smooth and enjoyable for me. When I got back my neices came over and they gave the bike a try as well, and had a lot of fun. I think I know what I'll buy them for christmas this year haha. 5/5 recommended, love it so much.

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