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Nakto City Stroller

Nakto City Stroller

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350W brushless geared hub motor with max torque of up to 40Nm



A fully charged battery can last up to 22miles and 4 hours to juice up fully


36V/12A Li-ion battery on frame for better weight distribution

Pedal Level

support both pedal assist and twist throttle to power your cycling

The City Stroller - one bike for every occasion. Its sleek and compact design, step-through frame, rear rack, and wicker basket make it a stylish and versatile electric bike that's perfect for running errands or commuting. It supports single-speed pedal assist and throttle for an easy-going ride. It also has a 6-speed Shimano gear set for trucking uphill.

Take a Stroll

Experience the joy of riding with the City Stroller. Its impressive gear selection makes customizing your ride a breeze. Its raised handlebars and upright riding position promote a comfortable and natural ride, maximizing comfort. Whether you seek a leisurely cruise, long-distance travel, or an elegant journey to your destination, the City Stroller offers unparalleled comfort and style.


This gorgeous electric road bike features the classic step-through frame with a robust 36V electric motor made for paved roads and off-road paths in the city. This electric city bike comes with gorgeous 26" spoked rims with sleek road tires, and a sizable 12Ah battery for traveling long distances. It is among the most affordable, best bang-for-your-buck electric bikes you can buy that has components found on more expensive bikes.


Experience the perfect blend of style, versatility, and power with the City Stroller electric bike. Ride through the streets with ease, thanks to its innovative combination of casual sophistication and cutting-edge technology. Featuring a powerful rear hub geared brushless motor, seamlessly integrated with Shimano gears, the City Stroller effortlessly takes on any journey or commute. With its reliable mechanical disc brake system, you can stop with confidence in any weather conditions, while requiring minimal maintenance.

Geared Hub Motor
Miles per Charge
Max Torque
Pedal Assist Level

Lithium-ion Battery

Located on the down tube of the eBike for better weight distribution. Delivers a 22-mile range on a single charge.

Overall size

68" x 22.8" x 43"

Wheel size

26" x 1.75"

A - Seat tube length


B - Seatpost diamater



C - Saddle height

33" - 38"

D - Handlebar height


E - Handlebar width


F - Crank length


G - Wheelbase




40Nm 350W motor

Pedal Assist Levels

1 level (ON/OFF)


Power capacity monitor


Tianneng 36V/12A, removable, supports up to 22miles

Drive Mode

Pedal-assist and half Twist Throttle


White; Fusion Pink


Nakto Aluminum Alloy step-thru frame


Trama 82B sprung fork, 60mm travel


Hi-Rise style, aluminium alloy, 22.8" width


Aluminium alloy


Aluminium alloy dropper post, seat-height adjustability, 1" diameter


Comfort padded in black, steel rails


Yonghua PA66


Shimano Tourney TX

Rear Dearailleur

Shimano, SL-TX30-6R


Shimano, front and rear mechanical disc, steel

Brake Levers

Steel, silver


Rust resistant


Lide 44*152

Bottom Bracket

Integral bottom bracket


Aluminium alloy


40Nm / 350W motor, integrated into the rear wheel, geared brushless motor


Carbon steel, silver


Kenda 26 x 1.75"

Rear rack



LED headlight, tail reflector



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Need replacement chain

does anyone know what kind of chain i need to get? the chain broke the master link off and i dont know the size or any other specs

I like the motor

This ebike is a great bike for me, Im new. Its easy to use and the electric pedaling is nice.

Therese A.
A brilliant bike!!

I have been using my new city stroller bike to commute to work every day and I must say it's one of the best decisions I have made in terms of transportation and saving on gas money. The bike is so easy to ride and convenient that I no longer have to worry about waiting for the bus. The electric assist makes pedaling easy, even when I'm carrying a heavy backpack or other things Using this bike has made me feel good about reducing my carbon footprint. I am now able to contribute to a cleaner environment by using it. It's really a great feeling to know that I am doing my small part. This is also very comfortable to ride. The seat is nicely padded and the handlebars are positioned so that my arms and back don't get tired even after a long ride. The bike is also easy to control and has a smooth ride, making it an enjoyable experience overall. I love it! My mom is getting one as well.

Shawna U.
Very practical, nice

I've been using it to run errands around town and it's been a great help. The electric assist makes pedaling so much easier, and I love that I can carry groceries and other items on the back rack. It's a very practical bike

Terry J.
I like it a lot

I'm very impressed with the quality. It's a very well made bike and has all the features I was looking for in an electric bike. The bike is also very stable and easy to control. Very affordable and a good bike for the cost.

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