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Kracken Punisher Mark 3

Kracken Punisher Mark 3

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Motor 500w Rear Hub Motor Xinhao
Range Up to 30 miles
Battery 48v 14a Battery
Weight 65 Lbs.
Max Payload 300 Lbs
Breaks Tektro Disc Breaks
Max Speed 26 Mph

Built for comfort

The Punisher Mark 3 was designed to give riders a uniquely comfortable ride featuring its true dual suspension and upgraded saddle. This is the bike to grab when your ready to commutel, hit the trail, or making a quick trip to the store.


Pedal-Assist & Throttle :
Five levels of built in pedal assist along side a half-twice throttle. Allows riders to choose the level of power on the go.

Rear Cargo Rack :
Comes preinstalled and can support up to 150 lbs.

Tires :
Puncture-resistant 20” x 4” fat tires adds an extra layer of stability and control going around tight corners or incurring loose terrain such as rocks, sticks, and loose sand. This bike is rated for beach and snow as well as city roads.

Motor :
Economic 500w rear-hub motor (720 peak). Powerful enough for step hills but designed to give a full 3-4 hour ride time.

Dual Suspension :
The punisher model is one of very few models out there that features a true dual suspension set up. Adjustable front shocks allow the rider to fix or release allowing 2 ¾” flex to the front. Fixed rear shock allows for an additional 1 1/4" flex.

Battery :
48v 14a battery that will give riders up to 30-35 mile range on low when peddling. The Mark 3 is a great day rider with enough power and juice for a nice bike ride.

Freewheel :
52 tooth Shimano freewheel provides easy shifting at high speeds along with it’s 7-gear drivetrain.

Breaks :
Ultimate stopping power with 180mm mechanical disc brakes offers peace of mind in wet or dry conditions. Also equipped with motor inhibitors.

Weight :
Total bike weight is 65 Lbs. which includes the 10lb battery installed.

Charging :
An external charging port located in the mid-section of the frame on the right hand side makes for easy charging on the go. Utilizing a 12v 110a charger. So special charging equipment needed. The battery is removable (with keys) and is also chargeable outside the unit.

Folding :
Unit is easy to fold and can be done in less than 10 sec with practice. Folded measurements are 38” x 22” x 28”. Unfolded measurements are 65” x 22.5” x 48”

LCD Display :
Dynamic LCD provides the rider with speed, distance and battery life. Built in Class 2 governor to hit speeds up to 15 Mph. Unlock for 25 Mph.

Saddle :
Newly added wide comfort seat combined with the dual-suspension gives riders a Cadillac like ride even on bumpy roads. We got your back and your behind.

Lights and horn :
Intergraded bright 4 LED flood light comes fully installed and easy to access. Built in loud electric horn with easy button access.



All Kracken E-bike comes standard with a 1-year manufactures warranty that includes parts only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Stephanie D.
Love my new bike!

Love riding this when we go camping and around my neighborhood. Had a few minor issues but the customer service has been great!!!

John G.
It's perfect!

I'm super happy I found this bike. My wife and are now retired and travel in our Class A. We are tight on space and had two bulky normal bikes on our RV. These bikes not only a great to ride but we have doubled our range with the bikes and now have room! Support is amazing.

Jerald P.
Love it so much

Such a great Ebike,

We bought these for our RV and man do these come in handy. Support is amazing. Great company and great product.

Roger L.
Awesome little folder

I travel a lot with my wife. We are retired and we have a 5th wheel. We like to explore when we get to a new area. These bikes really came in handy. We where actually able to get some exercise on them as well. Got almost 30 miles peddling. Great unit for the price. Even did well on trails. I was surprised. I would recommend the Kracken GT.

Roger Z.
First ebikes

Bought 2 for me and my girl at our local state fair. Pleasantly surprised by how fun they are to ride. We love them!! Great experience from the seller on down. I would recommend hands down!!

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