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Nakto Folding OX

Nakto Folding OX

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500W brushless geared hub motor with max torque of up to 52Nm


A fully charged battery can last up to 22miles and 4 hours to juice up fully


48V/10A Li-ion battery on frame for better weight distribution


Pedal Level

variable speed levels from level 1 to level 5 to procide a smoother assistance

The Folding OX E-bike is designed for compact portability. The hi-rise cruiser handlebars create a lower riding profile without sacrificing comfort. The fat tires offer smooth riding while you explore or commute, on or off-road trails. The step-through fram allows for easy mounting and dismounting. This electric bike easily folds in half when you arrive at your destination - bring it with you wherever you go.

Cycling with Stability.

Who says a fat tire e-bike has to be heavy and bulky? A small, yet wide wheel offers you comfort, shock absorbtion, and durability on the go. And the compact, easy-to-fold design makes it convenient to take the Folding OX with you wherever you go. It truly makes daily cycling a breeze.

The NAKTO Folding OX is equipped with a large 48V battery, a 500W motor, front and rear disc brakes, and a cushy front suspension fork. It's quite an outstanding fat tire electric bike. The foldable frame and small 20-inch diameter tires allow the bike to be stored easily in a trunk or underneath a work desk. It is also equipped with a rear rack - perfect for strapping down supplies, groceries, and much more. The NAKTO Folding OX is the ideal choice for running errands or commuting.


Exploring and commuting should be both fun and safe. The Folding OX's powerful rear hub brushless motor meshes seamlessly with the Shimano gears to make easy work of any journey. The reliable mechanical disc brakes ensure you can stop in all weather conditions with low maintenance.

Geared Hub Motor
Miles per Charge
Max Torque
Pedal Assist Levels


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jenna L.
Great customer service

This bike is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of an electric bike without sacrificing storage space or convenience. It's the perfect blend of low cost and function. The customer support was also wonderful! I had to call them about the warranty, but nothing happened. It was just for my piece of mind, I am paranoid sometimes about buuying expensive things. I was very comforted. Thanks guys!

save the planet

The Nakto foldiong ox is perfect for anyone who wants an eco-friendly bike. I feel good every time I ride it.

Glad I bought it

I love that I can take this bike with me on public transportation or in the trunk of my car. It's very convenient and easy to store. I've taken it onto a bus even, when the racks were full. I also work in a small office, so it made things easier for me to fold it instead of leaning my old bike against the wal in the narrow hallway. Much better bike!

Kristen B.
Well-made bike, will reccommend to my family

The bike is very comfortable to ride and the handlebars are adjustable to fit my height. The electric assist is also very responsive and easy to control.

Lauren L.
Folds easy

I was surprised by how sturdy the ox is. It's well-built and handles well on all types of trails, but I mostly use it for going to class. I fold it p and take it inside with me. I enjoy it a lot. Very Convinient.

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