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Revi Bikes Cheetah Plus

Revi Bikes Cheetah Plus

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Payload Capacity


Geared Hub Motor

48V 17.5Ah

Samsung Battery

65 Miles

Miles per Charge

Max 28 MPH

With Pedal Assist


26" * 4.0

Anti-Puncture Fat Tire

 Special Features:

  • Adjustable Stem
  • Full Black Color
  • 17.5ah Large Battery
  • New Headlight Design
  • Kenda Anti puncture Tire
  • New LCD Display Firmware

Bright Headlight

We added a super bright dual 2000 lumen headlight. The upgraded and stylish moto-style headlight provides excellent visibility during night rides for added safety and riding confidence.

New Display Firmware

Full-color display provides all the important metrics you need, including speed, distance traveled, pedal assist level, and more. Power your gadgets with the handle-bar mounted USB port.

1000W Bafang Motor

1000 watt powerful motor, sustain 750W output, provides a lot of power. Reach speeds of over 28 mph with this high-powered motor.

Cruiser Saddle

Cushioning saddles wide with plush padding and springs to absorb bumps in the road. Very wide, fully padded, include springs or gel.

Classic Looking

Full black. We’ve developed a tank made from black leather and heat-stamped with the Revibikes logo. It's very low profile - you don't even notice the logo when you’re in the dark.

Half Twist Throttle

The Half-twist throttle helps prevent accidental activation, protecting you from inadvertent injuries.


What's Included

* You'll need to prepare an M5 Allen Key to finish the whole bike assembly

Size and Fit

Handlebar Height:39.37“ - 43.3” Standover Height: 26.5"
Minimum Seat Height: 32" Maximum Seat Height: 38"
Seat Tube: 17" Total Length: 83"
Wheelbase: 57" Reach: 22.83" - 25.89"


Model: Cheetah Plus Motor: 48V 750W Bafang™
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Motor Peak Output: 1000W
Battery Cell: Samsung Top Speed: 25-28
Battery Capacity: 48V 17.5Ah Front Light: Included.
Range: 26-40 Miles High/Low Beam Switch: Yes
Charging Time: 4 - 6 Hrs Pedal Assist: 5-9 levels
Tire: Kenda Tire  Throttle: Yes
Reflect Strip: Yes Wheel Size: 26'' 4.0 Fat Tire
Display: Full Color  Brake: F/R Hydraulic Brake
Display Function:  Brake Brand: Tektro
PAS Level, Current Speed, Max Speed, Odometer, Trip, Daylight and Night Model Selection, Eco, Normal, Power drive model selection Weight: 70 lbs with battery
Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Shift: 7 Speed SHIMANO™
Saddle: Leather with Mechanical Spring Crank Wheel: 42T
Chain: KMC™ Anti-Rust Motor Efficiency: ≥80%

Difference Between Cheetah, Cheetah Plus, and Cheetah Mini

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Shawna B.
Unbelievable Bike!

Wow! Before seeing this bike in person, I thought it would be too small for someone like me who is 6ft-1in and 230lbs, but to my surprise, it fits and rides nice. The Cheetah Plus is well built, sturdy, and fun to ride. I highly recommend this bike. The only thing I would recommend is the bike having an option for a secondary battery to extend the range. I only get about 20 miles of various pedal assist levels and hills before the last power meter bar disappears.

William C.

I am 54 years old and this is the most fun I have had riding a bike in my life. I did repaint the frame to match the color of the fist bike I ever owned and it looks awesome! Big Big fan of REVI BIKES!

(Anonymous Customer)
Best ride ever

Love Love Love this bike. So much fun... buying my wife one now

Gabriel G.
unbeatable style, comfortable riding, good QoL improvements, average mileage

this is an absolutely beautiful bike. the all black frame is slick as ****. the "gas tank" battery holder, seat, and handle grips are all leather, lending it a stylish retro look. definitely spring for the fenders, rear rack, and panniers, not just for the immense utility, but to complete the "cafe racer" aesthetic. for your money, you'd be hard pressed to find a better ebike with throwback motorcycle styling. people will come up to you to ask what you're riding.

from a technical stand point, it's solid, but leaves something to be desired as far as battery capacity and range. the updates to the LCD display are welcome, and well worth the price jump. the stock seat is comfortable, allowing you to ride for hours on end. the 9 levels of peddle assist will ensure the bike works /for/ you, and not against you. the throttle on the right handle bar will let you pretend to be a moped for a reasonable amount of time, shooting along at 28 - 30mph on flat land, easily, with no pedaling. when riding in a city, your ability to ride at ~30mph will allow you to keep up with slow-to-medium speed traffic, particularly useful in cities with poor bike infrastructure. the powerful LED headlight (styled to look like a motorcycle's) will ensure you are visible at all hours of the day.

however, sadly, the one major drawback is the bike's weight. it's around 70 lbs, with battery. if you're 6'1'' and 220 lbs, like me, you're unlikely to get more than 20 miles out of it on one charge, and even that's pushing it. that said, remember that your weight, your pedal assist level, and the amount of inclines on your ride will vary your experience. i still absolutely consider this bike worth the money, but, don't expect to put in any more than 20 miles on an average ride. if you really have money to burn, buy a back up battery from revi bikes and keep it in your panniers (although also be aware that it's a small hassle to remove the battery, since you'll have to unscrew the "gas tank" casing and unscrew/rescrew the battery within).

if you're wondering whether it's worth spending the extra money to get this over the original cheetah: yes, absolutely. do it, you won't regret it. if you're wondering if this is a good first bike: yes. you will love it. if you're wondering if this is a good new addition to your ebike stable: possibly, depending on what you value in a bike. do you want highly efficient performance machine that can clip along at 15 mph for 40 miles with no breaks? this isn't the machine for you. do you want a gorgeous bike that is competently built, fast, and unbeatably stylish? then buy it, and buy it now.

Tony M.
Cheetah Plus Newbie review after 7 weeks and 300 miles

Retirement, the pandemic and the need for activity and exercise spurned my interest in electric bicycles and the opportunity to spend time outdoors in north-western Wisconsin. In 2021, my best friend and I rented 20” basic, electric bikes for an afternoon. We had a blast! Afterwards, I researched e-bikes, manufacturers, prices, features, etc. While cost was a major factor and I almost chose a competitor’s e-bike, the styling and features of the Cheetah Plus pre-sale price led me to order my first e-bike on May 24th, 2022. After a somewhat harrowing experience in the delivery of my bike by UPS on June 10, (a Friday), I was delighted to get the bike so quickly. The bike was packaged well, and I put the bike together myself, but would have gladly paid a bike shop to install the fenders. I really appreciated the articulating neck so I could adjust the handlebars to my comfort and the wide saddle with its heavy springs for this 5’10”, 225lb guy was also a plus. This Cheetah Plus is a big, heavy bike that needs a wide turning radius and requires some deftness and experience when first setting out on a ride. Having had the bike for 7 weeks and having put on 300 miles, I can now make some comments about the bike other than my initial impressions of “wow!” Initially, I was concerned about the range of the bike, and it took me a while to figure out the pedal assist levels and the shifter that work well with my own cadence of pedaling. I found that with a pedal assist at level 3 or 4, I can comfortably pedal in high gear (7), or drop it lower if going uphill. I live in a hilly area. While the throttle alone will take me up most hills, sometimes I find that I need to help the motor with my own power to reach the top – but this is not difficult to do. My longest ride utilizing a combination of pedal assist and throttle is 25 miles with plenty of battery left to take me further. For shorter rides, I can use the throttle most of the way and it’s exhilarating, and it will do 28 mph. I estimate I can probably get a 40-mile ride with pedal assist – maybe more, but I always make sure I have enough voltage left in the battery to make it home without having to pedal this bike without power because it is tough to do, especially up hills. With my panniers filled with locks/chains, tools, rain gear, and other added accessories, the bike is easily 80+ pounds. I can attest to the hydraulic brakes working flawlessly, but it took a period of time for them to break-in. At first, the front brake was soft. I guess there is a technique for breaking-in (or bedding) hydraulic brakes, but I learned that after the fact. I can unequivocally say that when I go on a ride, I get positive comments about my bike all the time. “It looks like an old Harley” said one guy. “Cool bike” said a young lady as I passed her by, “love the look of your bike” said a truck driver at a stop light giving me the thumbs up. Car drivers will sometimes let me by them to get a better look at the bike and even other electric bike owners tell me it’s a cool looking bike. It’s a head-turner! It’s fun to ride, I’m proud of owning the Cheetah-Plus and thus far have no regrets. My battery (the bigger one), and battery charger have worked wonderfully without getting hot or worrisome. When you consider that many other e-bikes on the market do not have all the features of my Cheetah Plus, (seat, neck, hydraulic brakes, puncture resistant tires, motor size, battery size, fenders, rear rack, panniers, lights, etc.), I feel it was money well spent. Be safe and wear safety gear when riding this bike – it will minimize potential damage to you and the bike. As a result of my positive experiences with the bike, my best friend just ordered his own Cheetah Plus and I can’t wait to ride with him. If you see two old guys on a bike trail, giggling like teenage boys riding these great Cheetah Plus bikes, it just might be me and my buddy having a great time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship from?

All our suppliers have warehouses in the United States, to ensure the quickest shipping times.

Is the seat height adjustable?

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, ebikes we sell come equipped with adjustable seats.

Do your bikes come in different colors?

To see if a bike we offer comes in a different color, navigate to the start of the page. Under the price, you'll see an option to select different colors. If you don't see the option, then that bike does not come in a different color.

Do your bikes come in different sizes?

To see if a bike we offer comes in a different size, navigate to the start of the page. Under the price, you'll see an option to select different size. If you don't see the option, then that bike does not come in a different size. (Unless stated otherwise, all our ebikes are equipped with height-adjustable seats.)

Are your bikes waterproof?

The ebikes we offer are water-resistant, and can be ridden in wet weather conditions. ("Water-resistant" is different than "waterproof." Most ebikes are not waterproof, as they cannot be submerged completely under water.)

Where can I get my bike serviced?

Being a consumer-direct business, we do not currently do not have physical service centers. We recommend contacting your local bicycle maintenance shop to ask of they offer repairs and parts for your ebike model.