Why Buy an Ebike?

Why Buy an Ebike?

Why should I buy and electric bike?

Are they really that good for the environment?

Aren't they expensive?

Is an ebike good for exercise?

These are just some of the questions I see getting asked on a daily basis. Ebikes, and other modes of personal electric transportation like e-cars, scooters, and motorized skateboards are extremely important. Let me tell you the 5 glorious reasons to go electric today:

⚡ #1 - Electric is Eco-Friendly

Electricity is the future, and for one reason above all else - It protects our planet, its creatures, and us. Zero carbon emissions and clearer roads means a better functioning ecosystem all-around, and your loved ones and peers will see you for the environmentally responsible person you are. Yes, currently, the way electric car companies make rechargeable batteries leaves room for growth. But, over time, cleaner methods will be perfected. I've seen the future - and it is electric and green.

⚡ #2 - Electric is Cheap

Right now, you might be thinking "Cheap? How can you say it's cheap when a good ebike costs upward of $1,000?" Well, once you factor in the cost of fuel sitting in traffic on the way to work, school, or running errands, the cost-saving power really starts to come into play. On average, It only costs about $0.30 to get a full 50-mile charge an ebike battery. You're saving on city parking fees - no more feeding the meter. Riding an ebike saves you time, and time is money. 

⚡ #3 - Electric is Convinient

Not only is the very low cost to charge an ebike battery, a measly 30 cents, quite convinient, ebikes are also wildly diverse. There are all kinds of ebikes, tuned perfectly to your needs. Want portability? There's bikes you can fold. Have a need for speed? There's a sleek, zippy bike just for you. Is running errands, commuting to work, or carrying stuff on your to-do list? A cargo bike should be right up your alley. You'll go much farther, faster, and longer on an ebike than you ever could on a regular bike, or even a car.

⚡ #4 - Electric is Healthy

Many folks bike, not only to be eco-conscious, but for health. That's why it's understandable that people are concerned ebikes are "less healthy" than pedaling a regular bike. But did you know that you can actually pedal an ebike? You can! Many people think that ebikes just "go," like miniature motorcycles, but that's false. Instead, think of ebikes as motor-assisted bikes. You can pedal for your workout, coast to recover your energy, then get right back to pedaling if you want. On top of that, ebikes are less stressful on your joints.

⚡ #5 - Electric is Fun

Ebikes, and other personal electric vehicles, are simply a blast! Riding with friends and family can be more enjoyable with an ebike, and keeping the pace with the group is easier. Ebikes offer the exhilirating ride of a motorbike with the portable convinience of a bicycle. Once you try one, you'll never go back.

The Future of Electric Transport

As you can see, these 5 fundemental facts create an overwhelmingly good argument to ride an ebike over practically any other form of transportation. With time, awareness, and access, you can expect to see more and more ebike owners riding around in your city. Today, take the first step toward social and environmental responsibility, savings, convinience, health, and fun!

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